Prospec Surfaces Squash Courts

A squash court consists of 3 parts; the floor, the glass back wall and the plastered front and side walls which gets the brunt of the hits.

At Prospec Surfaces, we put together the best provider of each of these components, to create the ideal tournament & training ground.

The Floor by Junckers

The Junckers Timber Floor system is a high performance floor, accredited by the SRA, England Squash and the WSF.

The Junckers BluBAT and UnoBAT systems are the preferred timber floors. They provide the high level of friction, as well as athlete’s protection that is needed in the fast paced game.


The Front and side walls by Armourcoat.

The Armourcoat walls are a high quality mixture of alpha grade gypsum, hardening agents, pigments and resins including titanium oxide. This unique blend of performance and aesthetics is to endure the constant pounding of squash shots, while maintaining its smooth exterior and look for a considerable period of time.


The Back Wall by Ellis Pearson

The world’s leading name for squash and racket court glass walls. The reinforced glass wall provides for high performance while ensuring the safety of the spectators





Within the confined space, coupled with the speed of the game, there is often a high degree of contact of the players, colliding with each other, or on the walls. It is a physically demanding game that requires nimble footwork and sudden bursts of acceleration. Prospec Squash Courts are accredited by the World Squash Federation, ensuring that performance and safety standards are met.