Junckers Dance & Sports Timber Flooring

Boys & Girls Club Oceanside California

Whether you are looking to build or renew an indoor sport court, a dance studio or a multipurpose arena with hardwood flooring, you will find the optimal solution here. Junckers manufactures high quality solid wood flooring for all types of sport courts, gyms, and multipurpose arenas.



With experience gained from manufacturing solid hardwood floors since the 1930's, Junckers has the technical expertise to design and supply the optimal performing high quality solid hardwood flooring.

Junckers sports floors perform with unique area-elastic characteristics and this gives athletes the ultimate freedom of movement, protects against injury and ensures that they can achieve their best. The floors are created for generations of use and it is not unusual to see Junckers wooden floors in sport halls 50-60 years old.

Junckers pre-finished boards installing on site

Junckers pre-finished boards installing on site

  • Junckers floors are guaranteed 22mm thick (15% thicker than most other brands, thus longer life span)

  • Factory 'Pre-finished' (More uniformly sanded & with lacquered surfaces). What you see is what you get, and without the sanding and dust on site.

  • Quicker installation with less man-hours at site.

  • Number of sanding & varnishing cycle - 8 to 10 times,

  • Singapore Green Label Certified

  • BCA Certified - Productivity Innovation Project scheme(PIP)