Lockers - Marathon Collection

The Marathon collection range of lockers are designed for extended use in the very long run. Each detail is carefully considered for ease of maintenance, long wearing use, durability and with a wide range of options to fit various client needs:

Marriot Hotel Staff Lockers

Marriot Hotel Staff Lockers

  • The Aluminum bodies with radius corners prevent collection of dirt at hard to clean corners

  • Molded plastic shelves with slot holes to allow ventilation, easily hose down and drainage

  • Doors made of easy to clean, high impact and scratch resistant phenolic compact panels

Marina Bay Golf Club

  • Bull-nosed corners on door edges to prevent injury to users

  • Bolt-through hinges on door prevents door from coming off easily through constant impact force

  • All components are non-corrosive allowing lockers to last in wet and humid conditions

NUSS Graduate Club

NUSS Graduate Club

  • Modular, light weight construction allows lockers to be easily relocated, added on or quickly installed.

  • Modular construction allows lockers to be installed along curve wall

  • Available in wide range of Colours

  • Wide choice of Locksets


We also provide locker room benches to match the lockers selection where possible.