IdeaPaint PRO-White

IdeaPaint PRO-White is the first dry erase paint ever invented. With successful installations at the world's most innovative companies, the original is still the most durable dry erase coating available. IdeaPaint PRO erases cleanly every time.


IdeaPaint's Patented Complete Erase Technology builds a harder, less porous surface that will not allow markers to soak in, making for an easier, more complete erase, leaving you with cleaner walls.



PRO-White is an easy install product, with a Single Coat roller application. It completely cures in 7 days, with a Patented Complete Erase Technology, that erases clean every time.

Its Environmentally Compliant, with low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) with UL Greenguard Gold Certification.

PRO-White can be painted on most sealed, non-porous surfaces including Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass, laminates etc.

Call us for a review of your facilities to see how IdeaPaint can improve your office, school or home culture and efficiencies.