The Clip System is a low profile, floating sports flooring system, designed for installations over all types of flat subfloors. This system is ideal for refurbishment projects, or when the finished floor height must be kept to an absolute minimum.


The Clip system is an Area Elastic floor - It deflects any impact over a much wider area and has much greater shock absorption and vertical deformationthan a typical Point Elastic floors

  • Conforms EN14904 Type A3 (Standard Performance Floor)

  • National Multi-purpose sports Hall, Dance Studios and Aerobics Standard Level of Sports Floor

  • Floating sports floor installed with underlying clips over a shock absorbing foam underlay

  • For even sub-floor

  • Super quick installation

  • Step sound reduction 17 dB

  • The Clip system can be easily recycled & reused, most suitable for retrofitting works with minimum trouble.